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The Kingdom of God Is Within!

Att: The Person Who Wants to Become Master of Her/His Destiny 

Looking For Answers To Life's Questions?

Look no further!

Book1 picWelcome to www.thekingdomiswithin.com. This website is for anyone who is not satisfied with life as it is and knows that there is more.  It does not matter what your religion is or what your belief system is. We are all children of one God, one Creator, one Source!  Each one of us is an Image of God, according to Genesis 1:26-29.

Like most people, you probably believe in a higher power. It does not matter what you call that higher power. Your culture and your religion determined that for you long long time ago. What you call the higher power does not in any way make you superior or inferior to the person next to you. And, how you choose to interact with that higher power does not make you inferior or superior either.

God, Universal Mind, Infinite Spirit, Great Spirit, or whatever you choose to call Him/Her, deserves much more than belief, for belief implies that there is doubt about His/Her existence.  Belief implies that there is no proof, so you rely on what your religious or cultural leaders teach you. Belief implies that one is conforming to a family tradition, without the benefit of personal knowledge. Belief is not enough. God is our Creator, the Source of all good, and He is our Father, and we are His image. Only Knowledge of God will do.

Most of us do not know who or what we are, and I cannot blame them. If we are told that we are children and image of a Mighty loving God then we do not understand why there is so much struggle, pain, disease, poverty, war and hatred on this earth of ours. We end up giving up on God entirely, which is basically giving up on the self.  Lack of knowledge of the Father/Mother means lack of knowledge of the self. Belief in the Father implies confused belief in the self. But, Knowledge of the Father implies knowledge of the self.

If we are the children and image of God, then it is wise to seek to know God and the self. Knowledge of God and knowledge of the self go hand in hand, for you cannot know the child and image without knowing the parent, nor can you know the parent without knowing the child and image.

The Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is not a place that is far away somewhere in the sky or on some planet. It is not a place that you only enjoy when you die. The Kingdom of God is a state of mind, that exists now. In that state you know peace, joy, power, unconditional love, perfection, health, wealth, Oneness with the Creator, and other qualities you can think of. In that state, you can create anything that you want. 

You are in the Kingdom of God if you are constantly aware of the Presence of God, and you are continuously aware of your Oneness with the God, and your oneness with all creation. You are not yet in the kingdom if you feel separate from  God and separate from everyone and everything. You are in the kingdom of God if you feel unconditional love for every one and everything. If you still feel anything negative against anything or anyone, you are not in the Kingdom yet.

The Kingdom Of God is Within

The Spiritual Master who became known as Jesus (Yeshua in Aramaic) came with a special message. His divine purpose was to teach humanity about the Kingdom of God within. He said the kingdom of God will not come with anyone's careful observation, and we should never listen to anyone who says "Here it is" or "There it is" "...because the Kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21).

Most of his teachings to the crowds were in the form of parables, which mostly started with "The kingdom of Heaven is like...." But, according to  Mark 4:11, Luke 8:10, Matthew 13:11, he taught his disciples the secrets of the kingdom in private. This can be evidenced by the disciples' ability to go out on their own to heal, to cast out demons and to teach others that the kingdom of Heaven is here. After sending the original 12 disciples, within a short time he sent out another 72 to go and heal, cast out demons and to teach that the kingdom of Heaven is near. See Luke 10:1-23. Obviously it does not take years to connect to the kingdom, the God-power within.

What has been left out of the canonised gospels, are the secret teachings on how to get into the kingdom. We get pointers like loving your neighbour as yourself, forgiving seventy times seven, faith as small as a mustard seed, compassion, peace, and things like that. The missing secret is what I sought for years, found, and wrote about in my book, The Kingdom Is Within: Master Of Your Destiny 2.

It is hoped that one day soon, there will be one religion, in which we all recognize, realize and manifest the spirit of God that is within us. Once we are in that state, we are in the kingdom of God.

Seek First The Kingdom of God

The greatest teacher ever known, is the Spiritual Master Jesus the Christ. He said we must seek first the kingdom of God then everything will be given to us. Yes, the material world we live in requires us to have material things like a house, a car, great furniture, good clothes, and other things that money can buy. How many years do you need to work hard and away from your family, to pay back loans?  It is quite easy to be caught in a trap of loans and artificial lifestyles, and completely miss your spiritual journey.

But if you seek and find the Kingdom of God, everything that you want will come to you  easily. It did not take Jesus' disciples a long time to learn how to work with God-power within them and to help others.  If you take time away from fulfilling your physical desires, and embark on a spiritual and mental development program, you will soon connect to the God-power within you. What is required is intention to grow, then determination, consistency and persistence. Once you put your hand on the plough, do not look back! See Luke 9:62. You will soon be overflowing with God-power that is waiting to be discovered within you. The material things will come to you easily but they will not dominate your mind and time, and you will also have higher qualities like perfection, wholeness, peace, love, power, joy, mental freedom, etc. Read more....

The Journey to The Kingdom: Master of Your Destiny 3, explains to you how you can get there.

Journey to The Kingdom of God

The ebook "Journey To The Kingdom: Master of Your Destiny 3" will explain to you what it is that you must do to get to the Kingdom of God. Those are the ancient teachings of all ancient religions, of the Old Testament, of  master Jesus and the old mystery schools.

Why is Salvation a Journey?

You cannot achieve success by simply slapping positive thoughts on top of a lifetime of negative beliefs, abuse, hurts, misinformation, mind control, disempowering habits, brain washing, etc. You need to discover, uncover and release those unconscious obstacles and habitual patterns that hold you back from creating the life you desire. 

Moving from your current state of mind where you feel unloved, restless, separate, poor, powerless, guilty, unhappy, judgmental, critical, angry, etc., to the Kingdom of God is not easy.  It is the shortest journey ever, because it is a matter of changing your mind. 

But, just how easy is that?  I have found it to be the most difficult process ever. It is a difficult journey because old habits die hard. That is why I call it a journey. For example, I grew up in the 1970s at a time of political unrest, racial descrimination adn a civil war in Zimbabwe. I know what it means to be discriminated against by virtue of color. It took me a long time to see the good in white people, to acknowledge them as my brothers, to accept that as humanity we are one. But, believe me, once in a while something happens to trigger the old resentments, but now I am very alert to all my reactions to life.

The journey is difficult because you make progress, then something happens that brings back the old reactions like anger and guilt. There are many detours, accidents, breakdowns, and wrong turns on this journey. Like any other journey, you stay focused, you correct your course and eventually you reach your destination.

The good thing is that, no matter how many times you lose your way, you are forever going upwards.  When you think you are going in a circle, actually you are going up in a spiral.  Yes, it is a long circuitous journey, but you too can do it.  This type of journey can only be taken deliberately by you. No delagation.

Once you become "conscious" about what is truly happening in your life and why you don't have what you want, you are destined to live a life that is free of fear, doubt and worry. Your destiny is a life in which you feel happy and rejoice soundly in the knowledge that you are meant to thrive, not strive. Your destiny is a life Consciously Chosen and Deliberately Created that puts you into a "state" of unlimited possibility instead of a state of limitation and unfulfilled desires. Your destiny is Life in the Kingdom of God.

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Did You Know You Can Practice The Presence of God?

God is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere present, nowhere absent. He is in every creature, human being, plant, rock, planet, in the air, in the water, in the fire, in everything that man has ever made, as the basic building block. He is everywhere and part of everything! But best of all, He is within every human being as the Universal Mind. Practising the Presence is a state of mind in which you are continuously aware that God is within you and you are in God. In that state of mind, God-power is available for you to use in any emergency.

In that state of being you’re naturally placing your full awareness on what you are experiencing in the “now”. In that state, you are in sync with your higher self.  And your thoughts of past or future events have disappeared, leaving you to just “be” with what or who is before you.

When you are Present, synchronicities are commonplace, as you are tapping into the Oneness, where everything is connected. You are in a state of being where you recognize that everything is a synchronicity.

The method is this: wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be it walking, driving, working, falling asleep, waking up, doubting, carry with you this thought: ‘It is the Father within that works in me, my Father works and I work’.

In this way you open yourself, and become consciously awake to the Infinite Life and Power that is ever waiting and ready to direct and work in your life. All you need to do is to put yourself into the attitude whereby Spirit can work in you.

You have to journey to the Kingdom before you get to this stage. Therefore...

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Oh Dear, What Will Others Say?

The trouble with most of us is that we are mentally lazy. It is much easier to go along with the crowd than to break trail for ourselves. Someone said we have become sheeple. We have no individuality at all. We go by fashion and by the word of someone who claims to be an authority.

But the great discoverers, the great inventors, the great geniuses in all lines have been men who dared to break with tradition, who defied precedent, who believed that there is no limit to what Mind can do. These great people stuck to that belief until their goal was won, in spite of all the sneers and ridicule of the wiseacres and the “It-can’t-be-done’rs.” So if you want to be great in this lifetime, break away from conformity, and become an individual.

You are a child of God.  You have the spiritual DNA of God. That makes you a mini-god.  So why are you afraid of anyone?  Did God not create you in his image?  Did he not give you dominion over the earth, the environment and your body? Do you really believe that you are a non-important non-powerful being?  Remember it says in Psalm 82:6, that we are gods, sons of the Most High.

Unfortunately you have put aside your God-given power and allowed other people to dictate what to think, what to believe, how you should live,and how you must worship. But do you feel empowered?  Most likely you feel inferior, weak, undeserving, and unclean. That is because they hammer that belief in you continuously!

You were created to be the master of your destiny. You can transform yourself from the inferior person that you feel now, to the master of your destiny.

The master is within you, waiting to be uncovered

Did you watch the movie The Last Dragon in the 1980s? The hero is a black belt martial artist, called Leroy, who is searching everywhere for a certain legendary 'master'. He has to fight the leader of certain thugs to free the girl after his heart. The thug-leader keeps asking him, "Who is the master?" Leroy keeps hesitating. He begins to lose the fight. The thug is also a black-belt martial artist who wants Leroy to call him 'the master' but Leroy refuses, and is beaten some more. When his head is forced under water, he searches deep down for his power. He remembers what his master-teacher taught him, that he is the master. When is lifted from the water he is asked again, "Who is the master?" Leroy says, 'I AM!'. All the power comes to him and he beats the hell out of the bad guy. There is so much power in his hands and fists one cannot even see them any more. Can you see that he finds the power within? The movie is a parable reminding us to look for the master within, not outside!

You and I are the Leroys of this world, and we go around the world looking for the self or looking for the master guru. Yet, we do not need to leave home because each one of us is the master!

The way to achieve mastery is to seek the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God is within you, but to get there, you need directions.  The Journey to The Kingdom; Master Of Your Destiny 3 is your roadmap.

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The Master of Your Destiny Series - The Books

You are a child of God, you have the spiritual DNA of God. God is the Universal Mind that created everything. You are part of the Universal Mind.  Your mind has the same properties and the Universal Mind, the same creative genius, the same power over all the earth, the same access to all knowledge. That makes you potentially the Master of Your Destiny.  The following series of books will help you become the master of your destiny.

Book 1: Start With Your Health  Read more about  it here.....

Book 2: The Kingdom Is Within  Read more about  it here....

Book 3: Journey To The Kingdom Read more about it here....

You Must Pray Ceaselessly

Prayer does not necessarily mean begging and begging for favours from an external god. If you have been begging loud and long and bribing God for a long time and your 'prayers' have not been answered, then it is time to change. Maybe your aim has been to be seen by others, and you got your rewards because they saw you and praised you.

If your aim is to pray and get answers, then it is time to change how to pray. Effective prayer is your communication with the Father Within in many ways.

If you have a burnig desire to achieve or obtain something, and your mind is ceaselessly focused on this desire, then you are praying ceaselessly.

If you close your door and become quiet and still, and talk to the Father Within privately, you are praying.

  Praying ceaseless is also to continuously recognize God-Power Within you, and your dominion over your own body, your envionment, your business, your health, your prosperity. It is an understanding that you are heir of God  and co-heir with Christ. You will learn about this in the Master of Your Destiny series.......

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